Unit 4 Maybe you should learn to relax! 教学设计
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  I. Knowledge aims:
  By the end of the class:①The students will be able to read and understand the new words:pressure, push, compete, continue, compare, cause, usual, crazy, typical, skill, opinion, development;②The students will be able to use the following structures to express their opinions:I agree or disagree /don’t agree with… In my opinion, I think…Parents/ kids should /shouldn’t
  II. Ability aims:
  The students will be able to express their opinions and advice.
  III. Emotional objectives:
  To encourage the students to talk about the problems in our lives and give their opinions about them
 教学重难点以及突破措施:①Important points: knowledge objectives and reading skills;②突破措施:引导学生分層次阅读,分任务阅读,通过引导猜词,预测等手段来理解上下文,帮助获取信息,理解文章。 
  教学方法:①恰当运用多媒体辅助教学,提高课堂效率增加趣味性。②以学生为中心,开展Pair work, Group work等英语教学活动。 
  Step1: Lead-in 
  1. Play the video and ask the students to answer the questions : 
  Q1: How does the girl feel? 
  Q2: Why? 
  2.Free talk about after-school activities. 
  What do you often do after school? 
  What do you think of them? 
  Step 2 Pre-reading 
  Show the picture and the title and guess what the passage is about. 
  Step3: While-reading 
  Task 1: Read quickly and match the main idea of each paragraph. 
  Task 2: Read Paragraph 1 and answer the questions 
  1. What’s the purpose(目的) of the students learning exam skills? 
  2. What are other students doing? 
  Task 3 : Read Paragraph 2 and fill in the chart. 
  time person activities feeling 
  after school one of two boys 1._____________ 4.___________ 
  the other son 2._____________ 
  daughter 3._____________ 
  Cathy Taylor take her children from activity to activity 
  Task 4: Read paragraph 3 carefully and fill in the blanks. 
  1. Linda____________( agrees/disagrees) with Cathy. 
  2.  She thinks that it is ____ to compare the kids with other children. 
  3.  She also thinks that people shouldn’t _____ their kids so hard. 
  Task 5: Read Paragraph 4 and answer. 
  Does Dr. Green agree with Cathy or Linda?What does she say? 
  Task 6: Read the passage again and guess the meaning of new words. 
  continue, train, typical,compete,development, compare . 
  Step4  Post-reading 
  Groupwork: What do you think of after-school activities?What should you do to relax? 
  Ask the students to discuss and write down their ideas . 
  Step5 Consolidation 
  1.Reading strategy 1: Get the main idea of each paragraph according to the topic sentence. 
  2.Reading strategy 2: Use the context to help you guess the meaning of the words you don’t know. 
  Ste6 Homework 
  1. Try to remember the new words and try to use them. 
  2. Be happy every day!